They say the journey is more beautiful than the destination, yet rarely do we celebrate that journey when we find a novel, the final product, on a shelf in a bookstore. What led us to this stage? What have we seen and learned along the way before the book was ever brought to a publisher?

Every writer’s journey is different. Some will have tales to inspire you, and others stories from which you can learn. The inspiration for creating this blog came from the many years of reading the lives of other writers, both published and budding writers like myself. What experiences have we gone through? What have we learned from this or that incidence? What were the struggles and the victories, from both our personal lives and from topics arising from our works? These things I wish to share, coming from my own personal experiences. I have been on a quest of creating a vast fictional universe with its own self-contained mythology, and as one can imagine, many things have come up that I’ve had to mull over till my brain leaked from my ears. This blog is by no means a teaching tool, because I don’t think people can be taught to write (other than the advice of “practice!”) But perhaps others can gain a little something from my journey, as I have done from countless of others.

Welcome to my Journey.

Lórien May